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            Maxwin Precision Machinery Changzhou Co.,Ltd. is an enterprise experienced in the production of precision parts. It has been supplying the high quality components for the customers at both homne and abroad in military, communication, medical and machinery, etc.

            We have been involved in the display equipment industry since 2013.Due to our strong technology and advanced equipment, we have growingrapidly and have constantly won the recognition and favor of our
            customers. Because what we make are not just products, but the perfect fusion of technology and peoducts, meantime, we aim to create different bases of display equipment that match the military quality.In order to satisfy our customer with supporting facilities of display equipment, we also established a new company, Max display equipment Changzhou Co.,LTD. as a typical provider of oxford bags for display equipment, aiming to build a more professional and sophisticated supply system and provide our customers with excellent supporting services.

            ADD:Building 12, East Herbei Industry Park, Mahang Street, Wujin Distruict, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Rrovince, China.
            MOB: 13358188780 13218181452
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